innovating legal practice

we are a legal boutique that offers several solutions for the tech and innovation sectors.

why TDV?

the success of our clients is our inspiration.

our clients are national and foreign companies, investment funds (including venture capital and private equity), entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, incubators and innovation agencies.

Innovation moves our day to day.

we add value to our clients’ businesses by providing legal advice. We deliver practical results through technological services combined with a network of relationships in Brazil and abroad.


Legal as a Service (Laas)

with our Legal as a Service (LaaS) solution our in-house clients get advisory on specific questions.

Administrative | Regulatory

  • preparation of studies and legal opinions on regulatory requirements relating to each sort of business. Filing of requests and monitoring of the grant of registrations, permits and authorizations from the competent public bodies and regulatory agencies.


  • structuring of bidding processes and regulation of agreements with the government. Creation of public-private partnerships and structuring of concession agreements.

Compliance | Corporate Ethics

  • analysis of contractual obligations and obligations involving corporate governance and disclosure of information to the market as a result of government or internal investigations.


  • preparation and implementation of compliance programs, including drafting of codes of conduct and provision of internal training.

corporate contracts | business

  • upon a multidisciplinary approach, we develop and customize the set of business contracts a company needs for its operation focusing on efficiency and a suitable legal structure.


  • development of corporate structures, including commercial partnerships, preparation and management of the respective agreements.

Capital Markets | Investment Funds

  • development of legal solutions in the financial and capital markets, including issuance of securities and incorporation of investment funds.


  • advisory services on transactions carried out on stock exchanges and over-the-counter markets, including IPOs and follow-ons. Structuring of debt financing through means of public and private placement of securities.

Intellectual Property

  • development of strategies to protect intellectual property assets, including trademarks, patents, software, copyrights and domains. Preparation and monitoring of filing for trademark and patent applications with the Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).


  • representation in cases of unfair competition and advisory on intellectual property matters relating to information technology and e-commerce, including cloud computing, blockchain and technological innovation.

Data Protection | Cybersecurity

  • development and implementation of projects to suit Brazilian General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD), including data protection and information security mapping and assessment, internal training, as well as preparation of internal policies, agreements, contractual provisions and other documents for legal compliance with personal data privacy and protection matters.


  • assessment of the development of new technologies focused on personal data privacy and protection by design (“privacy by design”).

Dispute Resolution | Litigation

  • efficient resolution of disputes, including alternatives to court, such as mediation and arbitration.


  • negotiation of settlements and engagement in cases involving corporate disputes, including proceedings involving international reflexes and conflicts of jurisdiction

Corporate Law | Venture Capital |
private Equity | M&A

  • business feasibility analysis, organization of companies, structuring and monitoring of their corporate governance and routine. Development and implementation of corporate restructuring, setting up of joint ventures, as well as dissolution of companies. Preparation of retention and incentive plans for employees and executives, as well as vesting arrangements. Definition of exit strategies.

  • advisory on national and cross-border venture capital and private equity transactions, including all fundraising phases (angel, seed, early stage, late stage and growth), by means of convertible debt and equity, using domestic and offshore vehicles, as well as M&A transactions (buy side and sell side). Legal due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the set of documents, as well as performance of all other acts required for completion of the transaction, including submission of acts to the Brazilian Antitrust Authority (CADE).

Tax Law

  • structuring and implementation of strategic tax planning and monitoring of audits and inspections. Advisory in several matters involving tax law.


  • administrative and judicial litigation, including the defense of tax assessment notices and tax enforcements and the filing of tax thesis by means of filing and monitoring the required administrative and judicial remedies, including filing of appeals and participation in hearings in the Administrative and Superior Courts.

Labor Law

  • structuring, implementation and management of compensation and benefits policies. Advisory in several matters involving labor law.


  • engagement in litigation, by filing and monitoring of the required remedies, from their origin to the highest level of jurisdiction, including filing of appeals and participation in hearings in the State and Superior Courts.

strategic wealth management | Succession Planning

  • mapping of assets, also considering any proceeds from exit transactions, for assessment of the respective equity condition, also considering potential future projects.


  • development and implementation of legal solutions for reorganization of assets in Brazil and abroad aiming at asset protection based on tax efficiency and risk mitigation.

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