bruno tanus

founding partner

PhD in comparative and european legal studies by the University of Trento (Italy).

PhD in Law by the University of Salamanca (Spain).

specialist in biotech law and business by the University of Gießen (germany).

Bachelor of Laws by FMU.

language: portuguese | english | spanish | italian.

bruno tanus is a founding partner of TDV Advogados. He has been active in legal matters related to tech and innovation since 2005. Tanus has an extensive experience in the areas of corporate law, venture capital, private equity, m&a and contracts. He has worked in renowned law firms with a focus on business law. In addition, he is also the creator and head of a legal advisory center specialized in the technology segments and innovative businesses.

Author of the book “regulación de la biotecnología y derecho sancionador” (published in Brazil and Portugal), as well as several academic and journalistic articles published in Brazil and abroad on topics such as law, technology and innovation. His texts can be found in the most relevant newslets in Brazil such as valor econômico, o estado de são paulo, folha de são paulo, correio braziliense, revista capital aberto e istoé dinheiro. He also acts as a professor and lecturer in Brazil and abroad, on subjects related to business law focusing on the tech and innovation sectors.

felipe afonso ferreira ribeiro do val

founding partner

postgraduate degree in finance (certificate in financial management) from insper.

bachelor’s degree in law from puc-sp.

language: portuguese | english | spanish.

felipe do val is a founding partner of TDV Advogados and has experience in corporate law, private equity, m&a and corporate contracts. Worked in renowned law firms focused on business law. He has also worked as a chief legal officer and chief strategy and new business development at a multi-sector holding directly participating in the conduct of its business.

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